Bruce was a member of Council and Chairman of the Wider Caribbean Working Group from 2006 to 2015. 

Bruce was previously Governor of the Cayman Islands (2002-05). His interest in environmental issues dates from his time as Overseas Development Institute Fellow in Swaziland (1967-69) and ODI Research Officer in London (1970-73). After joining the FCO, he spent two years as desk officer for Hong Kong, then Britain’s most important remaining Colony. His early foreign postings were in Vienna, Cairo, Bonn and Ottawa. During 1995-98 he was Head of the FCO’s African Department (Southern) and non-resident Commissioner of BIOT. He was High Commissioner to Tanzania (1998-2001) before being appointed Governor of the Cayman Islands.

While in Cayman, Bruce was acutely conscious of the delicate balance between development and environment in a fast growing small island economy. He took an active interest in environmental issues, including the Blue Iguana programme and conservation of other endangered species. In September 2004 Grand Cayman was ravaged by Hurricane Ivan, the worst storm to strike the islands in living memory. His last year as Governor was much taken up with various aspects of the recovery.

Bruce is a UK Friend of Cayman and is pleased also to remain involved, as an Advisor to the Forum, with wider Caribbean and other Overseas Territories