Dace McCoy Ground is a Harvard-trained American lawyer. She lived in the UK Overseas Territories from 1985 when she was hired by the Cayman Islands Government as Marine Parks Coordinator, responsible for establishing a marine parks system for those islands. That being achieved, she then worked to establish the National Trust for the Cayman Islands and became its founding Executive Director.

For the following 20 years to 2012 she lived in Bermuda and the Turks and Caicos Islands, being closely involved with the National Trusts of those two jurisdictions.  During that time, she has worked on several Forum projects, such as the Environment Charter implementation, an OTEP-funded project. In 2011, the Bermuda National Trust gave her the Silver Palmetto Award, the Trust's highest honour, to acknowledge her many years of exemplary service.

In 2012, her husband Sir Richard Ground retired from his post as Chief Justice of Bermuda and they moved to live in Derbyshire, his favourite angling location. Sadly, Richard, a valued supporter of UKOTCF, died in 2014. Lady Ground continues to work closely with the Bermuda National Trust and the Forum.