Dr Keith Bensusan (Chairman, Europe Territories Working Group) is from Gibraltar.  He is a council member of the Gibraltar Ornithological & Natural History Society (GONHS) and is the head of its Invertebrate Section.  He is also Director of the Gibraltar Botanic Gardens and an environmental consultant with Wildlife (Gibraltar) Ltd, the company that manages the gardens.

Keith has had a lifelong interest in birds.  He began birding at a very early age and his interests eventually diversified to other aspects of natural history.  This led him to read Zoology, to take an MSc in Biodiversity and Conservation, and finally a PhD on the ecology of migrant and resident birds around the Strait of Gibraltar. Apart from bird migration and ecology, Keith also has an interest in plants and is a keen entomologist, having worked on faunistic and taxonomic studies on a range of groups.  He has published on all of these subjects.  His responsibilities at the Gibraltar Botanic Gardens include management and data-basing of collections, and his consultancy work includes monitoring of terrestrial sites listed under the EU Habitats Directive.

Keith has an ever-growing interest in the wildlife of the UK Overseas Territories and its conservation. He finds the parallels and differences between the territories fascinating and believes that interchange of views, ideas and experiences via the Forum is an ideal way of tackling conservation problems effectively. Following some years as Secretary of ETWG, Keith took over the Chair in 2014.