Born in Bristol but growing up on the coast of South Devon, Tom is a former commercial lawyer and now legal academic specialising in marine and conservations issues.  He is an associate professor in law at the University of the West of England and has published extensively on the mechanics of fisheries management and marine conservation.  He is a member of the international water security network. Tom’s work has been used by a number of NGOs, governments and other organisations to promote conservation measures which enhance the local environment while promoting sustainable livelihoods. A short film relating to one of Tom’s most recent publications can be found at:

He helped to set up the Lamlash Bay Marine Reserve in waters adjacent to the Isle of Arran in Scotland and is an active trustee of the Community of Arran Seabed Trust. Tom is also a trustee of the Blue Marine Foundation and is working a number of projects in the UK Overseas Territories and elsewhere in UK waters.

In his spare time, Tom is a keen sailor and has sailed across the Atlantic.