After 18 years as Principal Biodiversity Officer for the Isle of Man Government, Liz is now a freelance island biodiversity consultant. Her career in nature conservation spans 30 years, working first as a freshwater ecologist with the former Nature Conservancy Council. She established the successful Orkney Farming and Wildlife Advisory Group where she worked for 10 years as an adviser, publishing a handbook for farmers and introducing whole-farm nutrient balances to reduce pollution to lochs.

In 1998, she and her family moved to the Isle of Man to set up the statutory nature conservation office within the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry. She is familiar with the conservation issues of small islands, and with international conservation agreements, working within and outside the EU and for government and an NGO. Liz maintains her wetland involvement and has attended two Conferences of the Parties to the Ramsar Convention. Most recently, she has been involved in regional marine spatial planning discussions in the Irish Sea.  Liz served as the chairman of the UKOTCF Europe Territories Working Group until 2014 when she took over the Chair of UKOTCF, until 2016. In her spare time, she leads botanical tours and plays the flute.