Third Meeting, Isle of Man 2018

Ministers & senior officials from UK Overseas Territories (UKOTs) & Crown Dependencies (CDs) discussed, in the Isle of Man in February 2018, the future of the environment in their jurisdictions. This, the 3rd Council of Environment Ministers of UKOTs & CDs, took place in Douglas.. Previous meetings took place in Gibraltar in 2015 & continued in Alderney in 2017. UK Government minister & officials participated on the 2nd day. Read Read more

Second Meeting, Alderney 2017

This was only the second meeting of its kind, the first having been hosted by the Government of Gibraltar in 2015. The Environment Ministers’ Council was chaired jointly by Victor Brownlees, Alderney’s Chief Executive, and Dr John Cortés, Minister for the Environment of Gibraltar and was made possible by the work of the UKOTCF and the Alderney Wildlife Trust. Read more Read more

First Meeting, Gibraltar 2015

Working with Hon. Dr John Cortés, Minister of Health, Environment & Climate Change, HM Government of Gibraltar, we facilitated the 1st meeting of Environment Ministers of UK Overseas Territories and Crown Dependencies. This was linked with our Sustaining Partnerships Conference in Gibraltar in July 2015 and, indeed, the Ministers attended also all or part of the conference itself. Read more Read more