The Akrotiri Environmental Education Centre was established in 2004 at Akrotiri village in the Western Cyprus Sovereign Base Area. Its main purpose is to offer environmental education programmes to school groups from all over Cyprus. A primary aim is to promote the significance and uniqueness of the Akrotiri Peninsula through educational programmes and exhibits. The Centre receives organized school visits for environmental education, as well as individuals, families and other groups for environmental information.

It is part of the Network of Environmental Education Centres of the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic of Cyprus. Its main source of funding comes from the Sovereign Base Areas Administration and its operation is on the basis of cooperation between the Bases, the Republic of Cyprus, the local community and various non-governmental organisations.

It has about 10,000 visitors every year, of which half are with organised school groups for environmental education. The Centre provides various educational programmes based on an interdisciplinary approach which focuses on active participant involvement at all stages.

The programmes are based on the important elements of Akrotiri Peninsula and use the environment as a natural classroom. Children familiarise themselves with environmental issues such as the connection of humans with their environment, through active involvement and critical thinking. They are given the opportunity to study some of the important elements of the area and meet local Akrotiri village people who support ardently the operation of the Centre within their community.