Banner image: View from Green Mountain, with younger volcanic cones and Two Boats settlement in the middle ground and turtle beach in the distance; Copyright: Dr Mike Pienkowski 

The Ascension Island Government Conservation Department was established in 2001 when the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) working with UKOTCF and its Members, funded the Seabird Restoration Project on Ascension Island.  Since then, the department has developed from a single Conservation Officer to one with a small staff, including dedicated volunteers, and receives support from the Ascension Island Government and other sources. 

Masked Booby and chick at nest on the main island in 2004, one of the first years of re-establishment there; Copyright: Dr Mike Pienkowski

The Ascension Conservation Centre (of the Island Government) aims to conserve Ascension natural heritage by implementing the Government’s commitments under the Environment Charter. Projects include: seabird monitoring, restoration of habitats, re-introductions of endemic plants and environmental education.