BirdLife Cyprus, which was formed in 2003, is a non-governmental, non-profit, registered organization (NGO) that works to conserve wild birds, their habitats and wider biodiversity in Cyprus, through research, monitoring, lobbying and conservation and awareness-raising actions. It is the National Partner of BirdLife International, a global partnership of nature conservation organisations working in more than 100 countries worldwide. BirdLife Cyprus is currently the most active conservation organisation in Cyprus, and its work includes projects in the British Sovereign Base Areas (which are UKOTs), in collaboration with the SBA authorities. BirdLife Cyprus implements or takes part in research and conservation projects, including long-term monitoring programmes, and projects for the conservation of individual species and sites.

BirdLife Cyprus runs campaigns against illegal bird trapping and poaching, for the designation and protection of Important Bird Areas as Special Protection Areas, and in the areas of agriculture, education and awareness-raising.


In 2017, working alongside the Akrotiri Environmental Education Centre on a Darwin-funded project, BirdLife Cyprus restored an area of marsh and added several birdwatching hides to encourage tourists to visit the unique wetland site. Forum News 47 (p 25) outlines the launch of the new hides.