After graduating with a BSc in Ecological Science from Edinburgh University, Wylie worked as an RSPB warden for several years in Strathspey, Shetland, and the Somerset Levels. Following that, he worked on the Seabirds and Sandeels project for the Applied Ornithology Unit at Glasgow University, studying the breeding failure of surface-feeding seabirds in the Shetland Islands. This led to him to studying for a PhD, looking at the feeding behaviour of breeding Arctic and Common Terns on Coquet Island, Northumberland, UK.

He worked as a film library researcher for Oxford Scientific Films in the mid-Nineties, and then in a variety of IT roles at the University of Oxford for 19 years, supporting a very wide range of IT services for the collegiate University.  In 2015 he formed his own IT consultancy.

Wylie was appointed in 2017 as part-time Conservation and Information Officer for UKOTCF.