This is a test page which will eventually be deleted.

Here is a picture inserted by the standard platform. If we need to add credits and a caption, we need to put this in the flow of text, like this message, below.

El in one of her other roles. Copyright: El

And then the normal text continues.

Rather more flexible is to incorporate a caption:

El in one of her other roles. Copyright: El

We can also do captions for multiple images:

insect collection box

Montserrat endemics: left, fly species; right, Montserrat orchid. Copyright: Catherine Wensink

Am I able to insert text?

Seems to restrict width to longest word!


Answer: pics stay at size specified. Text column can be widened by widening whole table (or inserting long word).

There does not seem to be text wrap option - but use of a table might work.

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