The Department for Environment, Food and Agriculture supports, and works in partnership with, the Isle of Man’s agricultural and aqua-cultural industries in order to facilitate a reliable, sustainable and self-reliant Manx food chain that can both maintain and increase international and on-island trade and create new trading relationships.

It manages and develops support schemes for the agricultural industry and offers technical advice, training, education and non-commercial services to assist Manx agriculture to evolve in both a sustainable and profitable manner.

DEFA promotes policies and actions to ensure we have a secure and sustainable future. In particular, we will look at the challenges we all face as a result of climate change;

It provides advisory, monitoring and regulatory functions which ensure our food is fit for human consumption, the public is not exposed to agents that adversely affect our health, and no significant pollutants are allowed to be discharged into our water, land or air.

Management and protection of fisheries and their supporting ecosystems within the Island and its Territorial Sea is done by close collaboration with the Manx fishing industry, anglers, wildlife groups and other stakeholders, to develop innovative and dynamic management and marketing measures that seek to balance the social, environmental and economic needs of the Island and meet our international obligations.

DEFA manages sensitively and encourages recreational and commercial activity across the estate for the benefit of the public, whilst ensuring that the plantations, National Glens and hill land are not affected detrimentally.

Monitoring and protecting tree health as far as possible and maintaining the woodland environment and character of the countryside is done by rigorously enforcing Tree Preservation legislation as regards private felling and arbocultural operations.

DEFA ensures that the valuable resources of wild animals and natural habitats are managed properly and conserved effectively for future generations, and provides scientific support to all Government Departments, primarily in the form of an analytical and testing service.