New community project launched on Montserrat

The Montserrat National Trust (MNT) and the UK Overseas Territories Conservation Forum (UKOTCF) have worked in partnership for over 25 years, along with the Ministry of Agriculture, Lands, Housing & Environment.  On 29th October 2021, they launch an exciting and ambitious three-year project, joined also by other local partners, including 664Connect Media, community groups including Cork Hill Reunion Committee, businesses and individuals, some of whom were involved in the earlier pilot work testing the approach. The project is part-funded by a grant from UK Government’s Darwin Initiative. The project aims to build on and expand the work piloted a few years ago to encourage and empower every Montserratian to do something which benefits the islands’ unique wildlife – and the human benefits which result from it. More details of ‘Adopt-a-Home-for-Wildlife’ here.