The above quote is from RSPB in 2020, about 35 years after the start of the project to reintroduce Red Kites to England and Scotland. Dr Mike Pienkowski, now UKOTCF’s Chairman, was the Chairman of the Team which set up this project from its start until 1995, by which time self-supporting populations had been established. Since then, the kites have spread throughout Great Britain and are spreading rapidy across Ireland and reaching the Isle of Man.

Although geographically directy applicable only to Britain, Ireland and the Crown Dependencies, there is much wider relevance to ths pioneering project. UKOTCF is publishing this book and will receive the proceeds to apply to its charitable conservation work.

This book:
• Describes why the decision was taken and how it was implemented, with international help.
• Examines the success of the experiment, despite many challenges, leading to expansion.
• Follows the spread across Britain and to Ireland.
• Explores the outcomes, not just for Red Kites, but the example for other species, the fight against illegal persecution and on public attitudes.
Foreword is by Rt Hon. the Lord Randall of Uxbridge PC.

For more information, access to the Foreword, and the order form, click here. The book will be published in March 2023. A pre-publication offer is open until 28 February 2023, with the best terms available to 31 Decembr 2022.