Banner image: French Angelfish found throughout the Caribbean and Ascension Island: Copyright: IYOR Photo Bank, The Ocean Agency

We are keen to establish partnerships and work with companies, based in the UK, the UK Overseas Territories (UKOTs) or elsewhere, to safeguard increasingly threatened biodiversity and help move to a more sustainable future. 

Conservation of the UKOTs' beautiful, increasingly endangered, and often unique, biodiversity is an urgent priority for us. To achieve this, we are keen to work with the corporate sector and develop partnerships in support of conservation programmes. 

Thus, by joining as a corporate sponsor, your company will be making an important and positive contribution towards safeguarding the diverse wealth of fauna and flora in the UKOTs. 

Employees from the Royal Bank of Canada help plant native and endemic Turks and Caicos pine in the garden funded by the Royal Bank of Canada's Blue Water Programme in a project of Turks & Caicos National Museum and UKOTCF; Copyright: Eric Salamanca

Despite their small size, the UKOTs support the greatest biodiversity in the UK. However, they are limited in human and financial resources. This is partly because, as part of the UK, they are not eligible for most international grants. We are working with non-government organisations (NGOs) and the people in the UKOTs to conserve their biodiversity through environmentally sustainable development. 

You could support this work by becoming a sponsor today.

There are several options available for corporate sponsors, these include:

Corporate Bronze: £150 yearly

Corporate Silver: £500 yearly

Corporate Gold: £1000 yearly

Corporate Platinum: £5000 yearly

If you would like us to acknowledge your donation in our newsletters and on our site please indicate this on the following page. We would be happy to include a logo, should you wish to supply one please email [email protected], who should be contacted if you wish to contribute other amounts.

Mangrove on Tortola, BVIMangrove in Tortola, British Virgin Islands