Other territory support

View from Diana's Peak, St Helena. Copyright: Felix Driver

Conservation Projects

Identifying needs, designing projects to meet these, seeking resources for implementation of projects and providing project management support. Read more

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Since 1999, we have organised a series of conferences for conservation practitioners from across the UKOTs and CDs in partnership with NGOs and Governments. Read more

Workshop on Environmental Impact Assessment provided pro bono by UKOTCF and Treweek Environment Consultants, at the request of Montserrat and UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office. Copyright: UKOTCF

Seminars & Training

We often organise seminars and training events on issues, which are topical or are identified by partners as helpful to them in their work. Read more

The UKOTCF/Montserrat National Trust/Montana State University project team on one of its visits with Rose Willock, on the Saturday morning Culture Show on Montserrat Radio ZJB. Copyright: UKOTCF

Education and Outreach

Environmental Education has a critical role to play in broadening people’s understanding of some of the complicated issues we face and encouraging our engagement and participation in the decision making processes. Read more

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Higher Education

Together with the University of Gibraltar and Jersey International Centre for Advanced Studies, UKOTCF is supporting the development of an Early Career Research Group for students in (and working in ) the UK Overseas Territories and Crown Dependencies. Read more

Gibraltar conference 2015 Copyright: UKOTCF

Relationship Building

Developing and maintaining relationships is an important part of our work. Lack of continuity in other bodies means that important information can be lost. We try to fill this gap whenever requested. Read more

Young Montserratian, Stephon Hixon, leads Montana State University researchers, Frank Etzner and Dr Justin Runyon, to the top of Katy Hill, Montserrat; Copyright: Dr Justin Runyon

Capacity Building

Capacity building is an essential part of our work. The UKOTs have small population sizes, which can mean that specialists from outside a UKOT may be needed in order to provide technical assistance. Read more

Jewel anemones, south of Burroo; Copyright: Maura Mitchell

Raising Awareness

Throughout our work, we have strived to include activities which raise awareness of the UKOTs and CDs amongst the public and institutions in the UK, EU and elsewhere. Read more