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Staying Connected for Conservation in a Changed World, online 2021

The Proceedings of the conference were published on 30th June 2021 and can be accessed via this page.

Sustaining Partnerships, Gibraltar 2015

The Proceedings of the conference are available for download.

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Title of sessionPagesFile size MBSection 
Opening; Biodiversity Action Plans & Environment Charters 1-118 5.8  1-3
Posters not on main topics; Terrestrial; Marine 119-238 5.3  4-8 
MEA sign-up workshop; Renewable Energy; BEST; Physical Planning & EIAs 239-356 4.8  9-12 
Environmental Education; EIA workshop; Closing; Conclusions & Recommendations 357-484  6.6  13-16 
Programme; Participants; Feedback; Recommendations sorted by type of addressee; Meeting of Territory Environment Ministers 485-540 1.0 Appendices  

Making the Right Connections, Grand Cayman 2009

The main topics had been determined after wide consultations amongst conservationists working in the Overseas Territories and Crown Dependencies. Main sessions were:

  • Climate Change – impacts and adaptation
    Spatial Planning, Protected Areas and International Standards – assets or liabilities?
    Raising our Profile – engaging policy makers and the public
  • Invasive Species
  • Enhancing Capacity – how on earth are we going to cope with the workload
  • Joined-up Thinking – institutional arrangements for environmental management, with shorter sessions on
  • Progress on Environmental Charters Implementation; and
  • Environmental Education.

Download the full proceedings [11MB] here.

Biodiversity that Matters, Jersey 2006

Main sessions were:

  • Environmental education and the UKOTs
  • Environmental Charters and strategic planning
  • Integration of conservation and sustainable livelihoods
    • Terrestrial
    • Marine, including fisheries
  • Obtaining and Using Resources (not just money)
  • Species conservation issues:
    • Dealing with alien invasive species
    • Species recovery including captive breeding

The full proceedings can be downloaded here. 

A Sense of Direction, Bermuda 2003

The main topics were determined after wide consultations amongst conservationists working in the Overseas Territories. The sessions were:

  • Environmental Charters and strategic planning
  • Managing conservation organisations
  • Implementing management plans
  • Climate change
  • Dealing with invasive species

 The full proceedings can be downloaded here

Calpe 2000: Linking the Fragments of ParadiseGibraltar 2000

The conference was intended as a working meeting, to help Territories take forward work, particularly in a range of areas that have been identified as priorities by workers in the small territories:

  1. Environmental awareness and education
  2. Information networking
  3. Tourism and funding for the environment
  4. Making protected areas effective
  5. Biodiversity action planning

Emphasis was placed on sharing knowledge and experience between workers from the various UKOTs, but also with other Overseas Territories, such as those of France, Spain and the Netherlands, as well as relevant small independent states.

 The full proceedings can be downloaded here

Breath of Fresh Air, London 1999

 Agenda, conclusions, and introductory speeches can be downloaded here.