Users may be aware that there have been problems with email addresses for nearly 4 weeks. We apologise to our network and other users for a failure in part of our communications system. A serious hardware fault occurred in one of our internet service providers, Host Media, on 18th January. This prevented access to several parts of our web-site. It also meant that all our email addresses could not be accessed. We are pleased to say that emails are now again operational (at a different ISP – this does not affect those sending to these addresses). Most of the web-site was restored some time ago. However, the ISP did not have a recent backup, and certain parts of the site had to be rebuilt. This has now been done. We are most grateful to our personnel and volunteers who have worked hard to restore all, and to overcome problems due to external causes. However, if anyone spots any problems, please let us know (Website feedback below). Please note also that emails sent to addresses during this period may not have been received. If you have written but not received a reply, please write again. [This version includes updates until 12th February 2019. Since then, the ISP supplying the affected services has been changed.]