Biodiversity, Ecosystem Service and Natural Capital Survey Montserrat

Data protection

Protecting your data is important to us.

The information we collect via this survey will help inform future conservation efforts on Montserrat, so thank you for helping with this. We want to be clear on what data we are collecting and how we will store and use this information as it does include some personal data. If you provide your email address we hope that you may repeat the survey in subsequent years to continue to help build up a picture of biodiversity and conservation on Montserrat. If you do not then we cannot contact you directly and we will not be storing any information, which can be traced back to you.

Privacy note

1. What personal data are we collecting?
Your initials, location and email address.

2. Why are we collecting this personal data?
These are minimal requirements to enable us to interpret the information and see if any changes arise over time.

3. How we will use your data.
This survey is carried to further enhance the work of a UK Darwin Plus grant (DPLUS155). The overall results may be published, but it will not be possible to attribute any data to an individual.  Access to the data is granted to our partner UK Overseas Territories Conservation Forum (UKOTCF) for personnel to analyse the results only. Personnel authorised to process personal data have committed themselves to confidentiality or are under appropriate statutory obligation of confidentiality.  Personal data will not be shared with 3rd parties.
UKOTCF’s own privacy policy is here:
Participants have the right to access, view, and edit their own information in a timely manner, the right to be forgotten, which means being deleted from the survey results.

4. How long will we keep your personal data?
The data collection elements of the projects are due to finish by September 2024. The personal data collected will then be anonymised (the personal data deleted), and we only will keep the anonymised data.

5. How secure is the data in our possession
Data will be collected by MNT personnel and supplied to UKOTCF either in electronic form, paper copy or the online platform Google Forms, please see their Terms and Conditions here: Personal Data collected here will be stored on a UKOTCF Drive.

6. Your rights and legal purpose
The GDPR clearly defines individual’s rights for your data. We are collecting this information under Legitimate Interest. Your rights, are as follows:

·        Right to access, view, and edit information in a timely manner.
·        Right to be forgotten, which means being deleted from the survey results (you can contact the project team at at any time and request to be removed from the survey and your details deleted).
·        Also right to be able to opt-out from future messages. You can contact the project team at at any time and request to be removed from the survey and have your details deleted.

8. Who to contact 

At Montserrat National Trust 
At UK Overseas Territories Conservation Forum: Catherine Wensink