Britain's Treasure Islands

Separate from the Britain’s Treasure Islands TV documentary series and book (which can be purchased here), 42 “mini-documentaries” have been made using the footage (and often totally unrelated stories) that were not used in the main broadcast series, supplemented by other video and still photography made available without charge by us and some of its partner organisations.

Stewart McPherson with a yellow-nosed albatross taken on Tristan da Cunha; Copright: Stewart McPherson

All 42 films are intended as an educational resource and are provided free of charge for all to watch and enjoy (see below). It is hoped that these films will help raise awareness of the wildlife, cultures, history, and heritage of all of the UK Overseas Territories.

The 42 mini-documentaries were created on a tiny budget using funds raised through, with the help of UKOTCF, and donations from several organisations and individuals. Stewart McPherson sends a big thanks once more to all who helped make these short films possible. UKOTCF supplied information, materials, and comments on early drafts of documentaries in this series. Editorial decisions remained with Stewart.

Mini-documentaries about Wildlife and Heritage in each of the UK Overseas Territories