Change of web platform

The most observant of our regular visitors may have noticed slight changes of appearance in our website since 7th July. This is because we have changed platform and translated the content to a standard package, rather than the custom one used by the platform we have used for nearly 2 years. This change should save over 80% of our website costs – very important at any time, but especially so when funding is so squeezed.

We are very grateful to two of our officers who have donated, without charge, very large amounts of time over recent months to learn a package and translate all the material to it. We thank too our new web-design company who have provided help and a platform at very reasonable cost, as well as some work at very unsociable hours.

Errors are inevitable in such a task, which involves hundreds of thousands of processes, and we have been checking for these before and after the new site went live. We anticipate being able to clear these well within a week of the switch of site. However, if anyone spots any after this time, it would be helpful if they could email, with a simple description of the problem and the page it occurred on.  If the problem involves a link, please include as much as possible of the following information: the link which did not work, the page the link was on, what was the page you were expecting to reach if the link had worked. Thanks in advance.

We had minimised the amount of new material being put on the website around the time of the site-move, but we expect to be adding more items very soon.