Extended deadline for Parliamentary Inquiry into Environmental Democracy

The House of Commons Foreign Affairs Committee has published the evidence received so far (including UKOTCF’s) to its inquiry into Environmental Democracy.

It has also extended the deadline for submissions from May to 26 August (due to the postponement of the Climate Change CoP and to allow more time for submissions during lockdown). Therefore, those who wish to reinforce (or otherwise) UKOTCF’s comments can still do so. The scope of the enquiry and how to submit evidence can be seen at: https://committees.parliament.uk/work/114/environmental-diplomacy/.

UKOTCF’s submission made 6 specific recommendations:

A: FCO environmental diplomatic strategy should involve considerable consultation with UKOTs, ensuring that NGOs are involved, and address major global challenges, including those issues tackled by the UK Parliament’s Environmental Audit Committee. 

B: FCO should provide legal draftspersons to expedite or ensure legislation does not stall, especially where these relate to international commitments. 

 C: Liaison with and support to environmental NGOs experienced in working in UKOTs must be provided as these have been shown to strengthen HMG’s work. 

D: UK Government should facilitate and expedite any UKOTs requesting to join international agreements, including the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).

E: UK Government should continue to take a global role in climate-change policy through its UK Overseas Territories, in which marine protected areas already cover 4 million square kilometres. 

F: UK Government should continue to ensure UKOTs and CDs are represented in COP meetings.

The full submissions can be downloaded in either html or pdf formats at: https://committees.parliament.uk/work/114/environmental-diplomacy/publications/written-evidence/.