UKOTCF Online Conference 2021
Poster Presenters

Posters are particularly welcomed on the conference themes, but also posters may be offered on any other theme relevant to conservation in UK Overseas Territories, Crown Dependencies, the overseas entities of other states or small independent states.

It is planned that posters will be available to view online throughout much of the conference, and that conference participants will be able to post questions (viewable by other participants) to which the poster presenter can later post answers (also viewable by other participants). In addition, it is planned that there will be at least one 1-hour session at which poster-presenters are asked to be online, so that response to the text comments can be made live.

Posters may be submitted by the following:

  • UKOTCF member and associate organisations;
  • members of the topic session teams;
  • invited speakers who have accepted the invitation to speak and supplied the abstract and any ideas of conclusions or recommendations on the topic for consideration by the topic drafting team;
  • approved financial sponsors of the conference or those who have paid a poster fee (this route is required for any posters which include advertising material, items for sale or other commercial material);
  • any others who have registered to participate in the conference and, where required, paid the appropriate conference fee.
  • in some circumstances we may allow posters outlining work in the UKOTs without the author(s) participating in the conference; this is subject to space, layout and approval by conference organisers (In any event please contact the organisers to discuss this).

We hope to be able to offer a small prize for the best student poster. If you wish your poster to be considered for this, please indicate when you submit the poster application.


Extended one week from 8th January to 15th January 2021, and now to 26th January, mainly to allow more time for students to prepare and submit posters. Others may also use this deadline, but earlier submission would be helpful. We are now past the deadline but will consider late submissions, if we can, up to the deadline for receipt of posters themselves, on 16th February. 

Deadline for submission of poster offers, accompanied by title, abstract (up to 300 words), brief profile of poster author (up to 250 words), and any ideas of conclusions or recommendations on the topic for consideration by the topic drafting team.

16 February 2021

Please submit posters earlier if you can, to minimise overload on the small voluntary team organising the conference.

Receipt of poster (in pdf or jpeg format), and written version for the proceedings (text in journal format including appropriate sub-headings, references, tables, illustration captions and credits as MS Word or OpenOffice file; illustrations separately as jpeg files). The authors are responsible for ensuring that use of any material, especially images, is either not constrained by copyright or that approval for use in this way has been secured; any necessary credit should be included in the text file with the captions. The poster should be in ISO216 A-series format (most commonly met as A4), preferably in portrait (rather than landscape) mode. These are standard throughout the world, except for North and Central America. We are prepared to accept Letter-format from there. However, noting that we are not working with physical documents, you should be able to select one of the A-sizes on your design programme on which you build your poster. Plus, optionally, [separate from poster] photo(s) of authors, which we may include in the conference programme.

16 March 2021

Any final author revisions of written version (formats as above)

To complete the form for submission of posters, which indicates the material that you need to include by the 8th January 2021 click here:


If your poster is included, you will later (by 16th February) supply the further material indicated above.