There are many ways that individuals can contribute to UKOTCF's conservation work.

We have throughout much of our existence, organised volunteer support to help train and build the capacity of local partners, or provide skills, which they need only infrequently, so that it would be inefficient to train local personnel. Rather than volume volunteering, which several other organisations have made a success, we have focused on tailoring volunteer resources to the particular needs identified in territory.

Accordingly, our volunteers have tended to be trained or experienced specialists, although this could be in other supporting needs (in one case building renovation) and not necessarily in ecology or conservation. Our volunteers have been of all ages, but probably peaking in two categories: graduates of first or higher degrees, who want a short career break and/or additional experience; and persons much later in their career or retired, wishing to take a break and make good use of their experience and expertise at that stage. One highlight has been Felix Driver, who spent a summer in Akrotiri, Cyprus Sovereign Base Areas and most of 2015 on St Helena working for the St Helena National Trust to the restore the forests.

Felix holds a green frog as he carries out surveys in the salt marsh in Akrotiri; Copyright: Felix Driver

Please contact us if you have specific skills that you think would be useful in our work.