EcoPlay Montserrat

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About the project

EcoPlay Montserrat aims to connect the community with its ecological roots through innovative architecture. The striking endemic Montserrat oriole is its inspiration.

The space is connected to the Montserrat National Trust’s botanical gardens and adjacent to a school. It will provide facilities for young children under the age of 6 years as well as older children, adults, families and visitors to the island. 

A multi-functional building at the top of the site incorporates disabled facilities, a room for playing and learning as well as a small kitchenette. Eco features include naturally ventilated spaces with solar hot water and high levels of daylight to minimize the use of electricity. A roof terrace provides a secure play area for young children and breathtaking views across the tree canopy to the Caribbean Sea.

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 Young people are actively encouraged to interact with the building and its natural features. An ‘orchid wall’ in the learning space will showcase some of the island’s unique orchid cultivars including the endemic Montserrat orchid – Epidendrum montserratense. The treehouse, climbing wall and musical play are inspired by the island’s cultural and natural heritage. At the heart of the scheme lies an amphitheater for storytelling and events. Growing terraces encourage young people to get their hands dirty and get involved in cultivation of a variety of plants e.g. healthy food, medicinal plants, endemics.

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A walk through the site with Director of the Montserrat National Trust, Mrs Sarita Francis and Outreach Officer, Vernaire Bass.

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