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Since 1999, we have organised a series of conferences.

This has been done in partnership with UKOTs Governments and NGOs, as well as, especially for the earlier conferences, support by UK Government,. The overall aim of these meetings is to facilitate joint approaches to the challenging work needed to conserve these important natural assets and resources, for the people of the UKOTs themselves and for the wider world.

Many of the partnerships developed over time have led to work programmes and conservation successes across the UKOTs in collaboration with many international partners. Some of these partnerships are documented in our impact section. 

Sustaining Partnerships, Gibraltar 2015

Making the Right Connections, Grand Cayman 2009

Biodiversity that Matters, Jersey 2006

A Sense of Direction, Bermuda 2003

Calpe 2000: Linking the Fragments of Paradise, Gibraltar 2000

A Breath of Fresh Air, London 1999